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Home-Based Therapy

Applied Behavior Analysis ABA Home-Based Therapy

Supervised by licensed Board Certified Behavior Analysts (BCBA), our behavior technicians teach clients life skills, social communication, and leisure activities to promote independence. By using familiar items and situations in the child's natural environment, we facilitate the transfer of skills learned in treatment to real-life scenarios. Family involvement is essential, and we prioritize open communication and regular progress monitoring to achieve successful outcomes.

Our services begin with an assessment by a BCBA, to identify therapy goals and develop a custom treatment plan for your child. We prioritize individualized treatment recommendations based on each child’s needs, including goals, intervention strategies, and weekly treatment hours. We target socially significant areas like potty training, communication, social interactions, school preparation, and independent life skills. We build positive relationships with your child by engaging in their interests and adjusting our approach based on their learning style. We collect progress data and regularly review it with you, allowing for adjustments to therapy hours or discharge from ABA.

School Consultation

IRIS assesses your child's needs in their school setting and supports their school needs as part of their ABA treatment plan. The BCBA conducts ecological and function behavior assessment, develops a BIPs, and provides curriculum modification recommendations when necessary. The BCBA trains and supervises school personnel to monitor you child's progress. 


We partner with school districts to develop academic programming and behavior interventions, gradually phasing out our support over time. Our providers work with school staff to create supports for students to access evidence-based instruction in their classroom setting. We offer functional, ecological, and skill-based assessments, IEP recommendations, transitional support planning, professional development workshops, ongoing staff training, and parent training.

ABA Therapy Autism School Consultation
Parent Training ABA Early Intervention

Parent Support

Parent involvement is a crucial part of treatment plans for children and adolescents. We offer hands-on parent education to ensure interventions transfer to caregivers. We provide direct modeling and coaching to teach parents how to implement behavior plans consistently at home and in the community. We help parents understand the communicative function of behavior and provide strategies to teach their child appropriate communication

Comprehensive Behavior Assessment & Behavior Plans

Our BCBAs conduct a comprehensive functional behavior assessments (FBA), including functional analyses, that incorporate a review of clinical records, interviews with stakeholders, questionnaires, surveys, and direct observation of behavior. Results are synthesized to determine a function-based behavior support plan to reduce rates of challenging behavior and teach replacement skills.

FBA Behavior Assessment ABA Services Connecticut
Early Intervention ABA Therapy Connecticut

Early Behavior Intervention Services

Our early behavior intervention services use play to teach children how to learn, while ensuring they are happy, safe, and engaged. We work closely with family members to provide a comprehensive assessment and develop meaningful outcomes for your child's growth and development. Our evidence-based strategies focus on functional skills like communication, socialization, and play, and are integrated into your family's daily routines. We provide family coaching to help you gain the skills and knowledge you need to support your child's development, and offer community support as needed, such as transitioning to public school services or other community-based opportunities.

Social Skills

Our social skills programs aim to help clients successfully navigate everyday communication situations and create meaningful relationships with peers. Activities may include role-play, generalizing skills to real-life situations, enhancing communication, and playing games. Social skills are integral to our individualized interventions, and we conduct assessments to observe your child in social settings. We teach skills in natural environments, use various teaching methods, and form social interaction dyads with siblings and peers.

Social Skills Group ABA Therapy Bristol Connecticut
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